DIY Woodworking – $15 Wood Flexible Alaskan Chainsaw Mill

I couldn’t decide if this is a woodworking task or a great woodworking review. Review it is.


emerging guidelines for rational products of fine woodworking plans


I have actually been wanting an Alaskan Chainsaw Mill after being able to consider one that my buddy had. It is the basic aluminum mill (brand trivial). It behaved, flexible, solid, well made, as well as I would certainly have liked to try it. However the saw quit working before I had the chance. As a person that had to have one I went right to Amazon and also looked it up. My initial perception was, “Divine Crap$!$” An additional instance of I had to have one yet the spouse would have giggled and also all of us know just how that goes. To the drawing board (Sketchup).


I recognized I can just acquire the 18″ mill for $ 180ish on Amazon. So, that is the beginning point.


My goal was to build one for MUCH MUCH MUCH less. My material were concerning an hour on Google Sketchup, one 2″X10″X8′ from the BORG, nuts, screws, and washers. I likewise utilized a pin nailer for the lamination, a couple screws added screws and of course adhesive. For the Alaskan Power saw Mill components much less the nails, screws, and also adhesive I spent a marvelous overall of $ 14.04. This became a marvelous overall of 93 % financial savings. That benefits my budget.


For adjustability, I made it to rough cut logs slightly bigger than 1/2″, 3/4″, 1″, 1 1/2″, 2″, and also 3″. It still has around 4 to 6 inches left for bigger adjustments and might have been made with even more. Those are just one of the most frequently used sizes in my store.


Limit cut is only 10″ which has to do with 2″ to 3″ smaller sized compared to the produced variations. I’ll make that trade regarding 11 even more times to save the cash. It’s much better compared to my tablesaw mill I was formerly making use of that maxed out at 6ish” logs and also a whole lot more job. For that mill examination out Izzy Swans tablesaw mill.


I kept in mind that aluminum has to do with 8X more powerful compared to pine/doug fir. I made up with a lot more timber as well as laminated some of the components to create a foe mortise as well as tenon. This may have decreased limit cut however once again. REMEMBER THE COST SAVINGS.


Quality of cut, much rougher compared to the tablesaw mill. Definitely comes under rugged sawn world as expected. All my flexible setups are about 1/8″ bigger compared to the dimensional dimension to enable it to be dried and also run via the bench leading planer in the future. We’ll need to see if that is sufficient in the future.


I still have to massage on some mineral oil to assist protect it and easy the movement of the flexible arms. All in all I would recommend developing one.


I have the woodworking Sketchup style for the measurements. If you are interested in checking out even more photos of the construct as well as initial cuts have a look at my Facebook page and look under timetable pictures. Link below. If you have an interest in my ideas and/or the Sketchup style PM me below. You could likewise obtain them if you like my Facebook page and also send me a Facebook message.


Many thanks for reading.


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